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About Terri

TerriPyrography, commonly known as woodburning, is one of the oldest arts and dates back to native people on all continents who were intrigued by their own creativity. As for me, I have woodburned since I was a teenager. On Christmas morning I received a small woodburning kit and I guess I have never gotten it out of my system. The smell and quality of wood are a mystery to me explained only by God's creative genius.

Very early in my life I realized my need for God and accepted Him into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior. The old hymns of my childhood have become such a part of who I am and all I want to be that I just have to share them some way.

Many of the old hymns are taken directly from scripture or else they point to the goodness and greatness of our God. Nearly everyone has a hymn that is their personal favorite. If you're like me, it may be hard for you to decide because you have so many. Whatever the case, I hope you find one that touches your heart and makes you want to walk closer to God.

Psalm 40:3