Woodburned Walking Staffs and Canes by Artist Terri Paulk Gallery Schedule Request About Terri Cartersville, GA 30120
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If you have a special request, communicate it to Terri via EMAIL or FACEBOOK.

All prices will be subject to taxes and shipping.

The price for the staffs is $95.00. The staffs range in size from 4-6 feet. The canes cost the same amount, with a $5.00 charge for the rarity of a handle. If the staff has a vine wrapped around it, there may be an extra charge for the intricate work that is entailed in cleaning and burning the natural twists.

What about my height?

Height doesn't matter as much on a staff as it does a cane. I do like to have that info though, because I will try to use something more appropriate for a woman. For instance I wouldn't want to use the same size staff for a 6' 4" man that I would use for a 5' 3" woman. It would be overpowering for her. A woman's staff wouldn't be as big around as a man's because women's hands are smaller than men's. Your height does not figure into the price of the cane.

I try not to leave a huge amount of space at the end of a staff; I like for it to look balanced. Sometimes if it has had a vine wrapped around it I will leave that because it is so unique.

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